New Decade, New Country

I have officially made it to a new decade! It is so cool to me to be able to say I celebrated turning 20 in a different country. An early birthday present to me was finding out Monday that my class on Tuesday was cancelled, yay! So, Monday night quite a few of the international kids went out to celebrate two girls 21st birthdays at a bar which was a blast! We stayed until midnight to ring in my birthday as well, which was very nice. A few of my friends surprised me with birthday presents as well, which was so sweet & thoughtful of them. It included a TON of chocolate; they just know me so well :).

Tuesday night we attended a Manchester United game which was absolutely amazing! My friend Amanda has been a die hard fan for years now, and this was her first time seeing a game live at the home stadium; so it was so cool to be with her to experience that. Also, I was able to sneak a few videos of her crying tears of joy. The atmosphere at the game was just unreal. Everybody there was so passionate and so excited to support their team. We won 5-0 as well! I guess us Americans being there was a good luck charm 🙂

Today I FINALLY had my first class (my parents were starting to wonder what they were actually paying for). It was quite a small class, only about 25-30 students, and all girls. I’m used to only having about 50 minute classes back home, so sitting through a 2 hour lecture got a little tiring after awhile. My teacher for this class is American and he informed us that we only have 7 lectures for this class, then an individual paper and a group project for our grades (which will be due in the beginning of May). Like I said before, this is set up very different than the American school system. Tomorrow, I am taking a field trip for one of my classes to look at 10 different venues in Manchester, because I am going to have to choose one & plan an event to present in front of a panel of professional (nerve wracking). Needless to say, I am excited to see what my other classes have in store for me!

This Saturday, the international society is taking a trip to the North Lake District, so I am very excited for that! When my parents used to live in England, they always talked about how beautiful that area was. Then a week from tomorrow, Amanda & I head off to Amsterdam for 4 days! I am very excited to travel there and sight see. My brother and some friends of mine have been, & they had nothing but great things to say about it. Thanks to everyone who wished  me a happy birthday as well! I have been enjoying every second of this wonderful opportunity & I can’t wait for everything more that is to come.


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